Lomatium & Krill (Fiery Furnace)

Where: Arches National Park, Utah
When: October 2009
Who: Kip Marshall, Double-A, Andy Mac & Morgan

On the first rappel in Lomatium

Ram first mentioned Fiery Furnace to me a couple years back. Said he'd been through it about twenty times. Then Kip started mentioning it. A classic tour, word had it.
Finishing the first rappel in Lomatium

Kip invited me to join him on his annual trip to the Furnace once or twice before, and this time, I joined him. And it did not disappoint!
At the 2nd rappel in Lomatium

Skull Arch

Wandering the Furnace

Headed for Krill

In the Belly of the Whale

Exposed scrambling near the final fin walk

Fin walking in the Furnace

Atop Surprise Arch

Stemming through The Cave

Emerging from The Cave

Kip's pics:
Atop Hole in the Wall Arch

Lunching at Grand Central

Near the head of Lomatium

CP on the 2nd rap in Lomatium

In Krill