Rambles and Scrambles: A Peakbagging Guide to the Desert Southwest

The newly released and greatly-expanded second edition of my Las Vegas-focused hiking and scrambling guidebook, 'Rambles & Scrambles: A Peakbagging Guide to the Desert Southwest', is now available. The 403-page guide covers nearly 1,300 routes to almost 950 different peaks across the Desert Southwest. It features maps and lots of photos. The book is available through the following retailers: -Amazon.com -Barnesandnoble.com -Canyoneeringusa.com -Desert Rock Sports (8221 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas) -Flagstaff Climbing Center (Flagstaff, AZ) -And directly through me

Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Where: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Who: DB, Double-A, Jon Arnow & Devin Lebsack
When: March 2013

In March 2012, DB, Double-A and I enjoyed the ultra-classic Bright Angel dayhike from the South Rim to the Colorado River. It was such a blissful success that we recruited our new friend Jon Arnow, whom we met in the White Mountains of California, to join us the next time. He invited his longtime friend Devin and we all had a blast!

Icebox Canyon

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
Who: DB
When: April 2013

An unusual view into Icebox Canyon. Dig the nice alcove!

The Esteemed Zion Backcountry

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
Who: DB
When: April 2013
Another fine spring day in Zion allowed DB and I to summit another of the park's awesome peaks. This one, #157, proved pleasant (though steep, brushy and sandy) and with excellent summit views.

Zion National Park: Summit Routes

My Zion National Park hiking, scrambling and climbing guidebook, Zion National Park: Summit Routes, is no longer available, as I begin work on a new Zion backcountry non-guidebook. The new book will be a collection of BxW photos, essays, stories, notes and gibberish related to my many and varied backcountry travels in this most outstanding of places.

Focused on summit routes in the park, the initial book was the first of its kind, a 250-page guide covering routes to nearly 80 summits in and near Zion National Park, including photos and maps.

Just a handful of the summits featured in the book were The West Temple, Mountain of the Sun, Twin Brothers, The Watchman, Mount Kinesava, Mount Spry, South Guardian Angel, North Guardian Angel, Johnson Mountain, Bridge Mountain, Mount Moroni, Lady Mountain, Angels Landing, Cathedral Mountain, North Sentinel, Deertrap Mountain, Langston Mountain, Mount Majestic, Tabernacle Dome, Canaan Mountain, Pine Valley Peak, Red Butte, Checkerboard Mesa, Smithsonian Butte, Horse Ranch Mountain...

"That list one keeps in one's head of places to see and explore in the Zion area will surely get longer after one gets his hands on this book. "Knowledge is power" someone said or wrote. This guide is definitely powerful. The descriptions are concise and down to earth. 'Sheep turds as well as cairns will help lead the way.'" - Jeff Branin, North Carolina

"...the book [...] is clear and informative, yet has a homey, cozy style to it. Not nearly as dry as much of the genre. I am really enjoying the read so far. A must for any serious outdoor library." - Steve Ramras, Colorado

Cover photo by Rick Kent
Cover design by Michael Cressman

Rambles & Scrambles: The Definitive Guide to Peakbagging Around Las Vegas

My guidebook, Rambles & Scrambles: The Definitive Guide to Peakbagging Around Las Vegas, is no longer available, while I'm currently at work on the 2nd edition. Vastly improved and expanded, the new edition is expected to cover some 600+ peaks! Look for it...in a couple years.

Photo courtesy of Michael Cressman/Design by Michael Cressman

Mount Pisgah

Where: near Springfield, Oregon
Who: DB
When: July 2010

For the 4th peak of the day, DB and I hiked up Mount Pisgah, a dominating (yet still only 1,530 feet high) mountain near Springfield and Eugene. At the grassy top of the mountain, we encountered an interesting memorial to Jed Kesey, the son of Ken Kesey who had tragically died in a vehicle accident in the mid-80s. As I recall, Bill Graham ponied up the dough to create the memorial. Pretty cool stuff.