Hiking, Climbing & Canyoneering Resume

Buried in the Selkirks

Unique Summits = 1083
Total Summits = 1199 (approx.)

High Peaks
# of Unique Peaks Above 14,000 ft. = 52
# of Unique Peaks Higher than Mt. Whitney (14,497 ft.) = 10

California 14ers = 15 (all)
Colorado 14ers = 25 (of 59)

Major Range Unique Peaks
Sierra Nevada = 93
Cascades = 63
Colorado Rockies = 44
Tetons = 15
Canadian Rockies = 14
Andes = 11
Alps = 6
Ice climbing in Ouray

Continents/Countries/States with Successful Summits
Continents = 3 (N. America, S. America, Europe)
Countries = 8 (US, Canada, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland)
States = 15 (ID, FL, MT, OR, WA, NV, CA, AZ, UT, TN, AL, WY, CO, MI, CT)

Unique Technical Canyon Descents = 78
Total Technical Canyon Descents = 105

Most Recent Summit - Willow Peak (13,336)
Most Recent Canyon - Misery Canyon
Rappelling into Pinnacle Cave

My various partners over the years:

-A.J., Paul Allegretti, Allison from Flagstaff, Andy Archibald, Mike Arment, the two Atlanta boys, John Austin, Bala, Mark Beauchamp, Bo Beck, Alda Behie, Jeff Bell, the whole CoT-SfH Boundary Peak crew, Brad from Flagstaff, Jeff Branin, Matt Brechta, Stevee Brezovec, Brian from Big Pine, Roger Briggs, Deann Burnett, Melanie Burnett, Chuck from Salt Lake, Brett Coval, Kristen Bridges, Mike Brooks, Donnie B, Cathy from Vegas, Wade Christensen, Mike Cressman, Lori Curry, JD, Brett Dawson, Joe Dawson, Valerie de la Brosse, Mark Duttweiler, Dwight from CO, Miguel Forjan, Ed Forkos, Pat Gallagher, Luke Galyan, Bill Geist, Glen, Rafael Gonzalez, Ron Graham, Carsten Habernicht, Jason Halladay, Cory Harris, Rob Harris, John Harrison, Tom Hawley, John Hayes, Todd Hein, Adam Helman, Henry the Mountain Man, James Hiebert, Matthew Holliman, Ryan Hull, Walt Hutton, Jeff from CO, Jeff Jackson, Steven "Spidey" Jackson & the Spidey Scouts, Bill James, Aaron Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Ken Jones, Tom Jones, Kelly from Vegas, Rick Kent, Kevin from WA, Dean Kurtz, Landon from Salt Lake, Sonny Lawrence, Lacey Lebron, Eric Lee, Steve Levin, Lisa E and Geoff, Lolli, Luba Leef, Andrea Liebl, Bryan Long, Aaron Lowry, Andy Mac, Susan Malcher, Mark from SoCA, Kip Marshall, Rob Marshall, Andy Martin, Dava McCoig, Sarah & Dominic Meiser, Tanya Milligan, Joe Mitchell, Dean Molen, Hank Moon, Morgan from the San Luis Valley, Morta, Nacho, Steve Nguyen, Tom O'Brien, Chuck Ohrbom, Bob Packard, Paddi, Patrick from Joshua Tree, Mike Pearce, Jason Pease, Wyoming Dave Pimental, Stan Pitcher, Randi Poer, Aron Ralston, Ram, Aaron Ramras, Dan Ransom, L.K. Reyes, Michele Reyes, Rick from Las Vegas, Rod from WA, Ron from Vegas, Rosie from B.C., Ryan from Provo, Ryan from SLC, Mike Schasch, Lucas Schork, Scooter from WY, Tyler Scott, Jared Seaquist, Ko Shuler, Thomas Slease, Matt Smith, Scott Smith, Tara Smith, Sonja from Las Vegas, Harlan Stockman, John Styrnol, Eiji Sugi, Sue from Las Vegas, Susan from Snowmass, Tal from Israel, Falcony Triunfo, Peter Valchev, Jeff Valliere, Doug Van Etten, Cimantha Veale, Kathy Veale, What's-His-Name from Ouray, Whitney Warnick, Dow Williams, Kathy Wing, Rob Yang

...and the dozens of minimal-encounter partners whose company I've enjoyed and whose names temporarily escape me.
Off the grid in the North Cascades

Ice climbing photo by Ryan McPhee