Boundary Peak Attempt in a Blizzard; Later, Redemption on Boundary Peak and Montgomery Peak in the Spring

Climbing Boundary Peak in a November blizzard

Boundary Peak is Nevada's highest mountain. Not typically considered a "snowy" mountain, Rick Kent, Eric Lee, Chuck Ohrbom and I set out in November 2004 to attempt it during a blizzard.

Car-camping the night before, we woke early to snowfalling at the trailhead and began our attempt. After climbing through the brush and trees, we eventually encountered treeline and continued up.
CP on the traverse to Montgomery Peak

With poor visibility, high winds, heavy snow on the ground and falling from the sky, we stopped for a break at the saddle. There, we discussed the increasing avalanche risk on the steep slope we'd next be heading up. Collectively, it was decided that we'd turn around and try again another day.

Fortunately, me, Rick, Tara Smith, Susan Malcher, Luba Leef, Mike Cressman and Mark Beauchamp returned in the spring and climbed the mountain (and its more spectacular neighbor, Montgomery Peak) over fine, styrofoam snow and clear skies.
On the summit of Montgomery Peak

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent