Ice Point & Storm Point

Walt looking toward Storm Point with Mount Owen hovering

After our plans to climb the CMC route on Mount Moran had been thwarted by car trouble, Walt Hutton and I started up the trail from Jenny Lake early one morning. We were headed to Symmetry Couloir, the route that would take us to our objectives, Ice Point and Storm Point.
Storm Point (left) and Ice Point, as seen on the approach

Along the way, we were fortunate enough to run across about half a dozen deer, a bunch of elk, and even two moose before we even got to the mountain.
Walt climbing Ice's Northwest Ridge

Making great time up the wildflower-choked couloir, it turned out that the climbs that day were absolutely terrific. Short and easy, but with impossibly good views of Mount Owen, Grand Teton and Teewinot. The climbing was exposed and the route-finding enjoyable...and it was all over too quickly, way before we knew it.
Some exposure on the Northwest Ridge of Ice Point

Returning to our vehicles a few hours later, seeing two more moose on the way out, Walt and I enjoyed lunch and then parted ways. It was time to drive to Salt Lake City to meet DB, and then head on to the Ruby Mountains to play around a bit before finally, and grudgingly, heading home!
CP (upper-left) descending Ice Point's terrific Northwest Ridge


*Bottom photo courtesy of Walt Hutton