Desert Ultra-Classics

Descending Dove B.M.

Now, those who wander the peaks of the Mojave Desert are well aware of the classic DPS list, but I saw it fit to compile a list of what I consider to be the 15 ultra-classic peaks of the Mojave Desert. In no particular order, here they are...

-Moapa Peak - Simply one of the finest peaks in the region, this dominating mass of rock can be seen from miles and miles away in every direction.
-Muddy Peak - Like Moapa Peak, a dominating pinnacle of rock that inspires all who climb her.
Climbing Nopah Point

-Bridge Mountain - Just one of many Red Rock classics, most of which can be found in my new guidebook, Bridge Mountain shines as the NCA's classic peak.
-Mopah Point - From afar, this is one of the most visually striking of all the peaks in the region; and from up-close, it's every bit as excellent.
-Umpah Point - Mopah's neighbor, Umpah is only slightly less awesome and awe-inspiring.
-Thumb Peak - A very obscure peak that looks impossible to climb from any angle, particular from its profile, a scary traverse well off the deck makes this peak doable.
Climbing on the Teutonia massif

-Castle Peak (Mojave National Preserve) - Not only is the peak eye-catching from I-15, but it happens to be one of the most technically challenging peaks (YDS 5.6, by its easiest route) in the Mojave Desert.
-Castle Peak (Highland Range) - A beautiful hike up the mountain through terrific desert country stops one in his tracks when the 40-foot tall, imposing summit tower bars further easy progress. It seems only a handful of parties have ever stood on the true summit.
-New York Mountain - A marvelous piece of granite. 'Nuff said.
-Spirit Mountain - Another marvelous piece of granite, Spirit was sacred to the Chemehuevi Indians. My first impression was that of a Zen garden.
-Arrow Peak - The classic peak of a classic desert range that few have heard of.
-Broken Arrow Peak - Hard to pick a single ultra-classic peak in this ultra-classic range, so I picked two!
-Boundary Cone - Who's ever heard of Boundary Cone? I have...and it's a great climb on an aesthetic piece of rock.
-Jumbo Peak - Obscure, aesthetic, and without an easy route up!
On Jumbo Peak

-Playground Peak - Even more obscure than nearby Jumbo, a peak that requires considerable route-finding and skill to get to the summit.