La Malinche (14,575 feet)

CP hiking the trail up toward La Malinche

Three hours & 15 minutes from the resort to the summit. Initially in a pleasant pine forest, then to the eroded treeline, where deep crevices in the dirty track splintered the trail, then up to the scree-sloped and tedious crater rim leading to the summit, its cross, a mangy dog sleeping on the graffiti’d, littered top.

This is a fine summit. The expansive views to distant Orizaba and Izta are wonderful.
Mike starting up the loose, steeper terrain near the summit

Spending quite some time soaking in the views and the vibe, Rick and I headed over to a nearby false summit along the crater rim, where we saw another cross atop the craggy protrusion.
CP and Rick on the summit

This was the first climbing trip to Mexico for Rick and Mike, and my second. Mexico is a fine place with awesome food, culture, scenery, and lovely people.
Mike reflecting on Popo and Izta from the summit

And the mountains aren't half-bad either!
Mike clambered onto this exposed stance to photograph a high-altitude lizard!

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent