Pico de Orizaba (18,490 feet)

Orizaba from near Tlachichuca

The highest peak in Mexico and the third highest on the North American continent, I found myself sick with AMS as I hit the summit alone, the first of seven people to eventually make the top that day. Rick Kent was only a few minutes behind me, having taken a slightly less-direct variation, and Mike Cressman summited a bit after Rick.
CP (left) on a break near the toe of the glacier

Taking 6 hours from the hut to the top, and only a couple hours on the way down, a solid nap back at the hut refreshed me.
Looking down the Jamapa Glacier

A terrific (though easy) mountain that had particularly icy conditions for early January.
CP descending from the summit

Wouldn't wanna take a slip!
Mike resting on the descent

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent