Mount Rainier, Washington's Lone 14er

After taking a few days in July 2004 to tour around Seattle and play tourist in Mount Rainier National Park, I met up with Eiji, Rod and Thomas at Paradise. Getting our permits, we got our gear in order and started up the trail toward Camp Muir.

Reaching Camp Muir after a couple hours, we took a short break, then crossed the glacier to gain our camp at Ingraham Flats. Setting up, we lounged around for the afternoon, enjoying the view of nearby Little Tahoma.

Rising early, Thomas wasn't feeling well, so he stayed behind while Rod, Eiji and I continued up. Taking a short break at the top of Disappointment Cleaver, we soon gained the upper Emmons Glacier, and then, the crater rim.

Dropping down into the shallow crater, we left our packs, unroped, and then walked to the summit. The descent was uneventful.

Perfect weather, great conditions and fine partners.


*Top photo courtesy of Eiji Sugi/Middle photo courtesy of Rod