Another Run Up Mount Spry and Down Spry Canyon

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: April 2008
Partners: Aron Ralston

Aron below the first rappel

Aron Ralston and I had secured permits for a run through Spry Canyon. Not only was the canyon, which I'd done a few years earlier, high quality, but it could be combined with an ascent of the tiny but classic peak, Mount Spry.

Around about 2005, myself, Rick Kent and Mike Cressman had dropped into Spry Canyon and then climbed out beyond the first rappel to cross-country it over to the peak's north ridge. There, the airy ridge provided fine views all the way to the small, pointy red summit. Great stuff!

This time, Aron and I stayed true to the watercourse, hitting the first rappel just in time to meet Jane B (from Salt Lake City), Ian and Cory (both of Zion Adventure Company in Springdale) getting ready to get started. Enjoying a few minutes of chat with the friendly trio, Aron and I hopped on their rope and slid down.

Downclimbing the next few drops in the canyon, we soon hit a 15-20 foot free air drop into an alcove that required another rappel. We then decided it was time to leave the watercourse, and this time, make directly for the east face of Mount Spry.
Views along the north ridge

Reaching the base of the east face, we picked a line up that looked suitable. Good scrambling, with a short crux of 5th class slab and we found ourselves within a 5-minute walk of the summit pyramid. It wasn't long before we were on top...and ready to begin our hour nap!

Eventually finding the motivation to leave the spectacular summit of Mount Spry, we retraced the old steps me, Rick and Mike had taken on the north ridge and then dropped into the wash below the Twin Brothers-Mount Spry col to head back to Spry Canyon.

Once back in Spry's watercourse, we had a blast doing the various rappels and downclimbs that would eventually take us to the final 95-foot free air drop that folks can see from UT-9.

Back at the car, we ran into Jane and Ian and Cory. They were nice enough to invite us to join them at Pizza & Noodle for dinner. Of course, we accepted.