Rams Peak, Das Boot & The Subway

Matthew Holliman and I headed up to Wildcat Trailhead to do Das Boot and The Subway. We tagged Peak 7,111 (east of the Left Fork of North Creek) along the way. Dubbed it "Rams Peak" - seemed appropriate since Ram's the one who suggested I do it a couple years back. Finally got the chance. A nice peak, by the way. We were gonna do Greatheart Mesa afterward but it looked like an unnecessarily brushy bushwhack. Blew it off.

Dropped back down to the Left Fork and found a raven feather right away. Took it with me.

Water levels were extremely low in Das Boot. We could have gone through without a wetsuit. The Subway was, well, the Subway. Done early, say, 3PM or thereabouts.

Almost did Tabernacle Dome again afterward, but split and tagged something else instead. Seems we might have bumped into Ram had we done Tabernacle Dome, a fine scramble in its own right.