Spendlove Knoll, Firepit Knoll & Moqui Peak

Tabernacle Dome from the hidden slot on Moqui Peak

After spending the previous day peakbagging (got 4 more of 'em) in the Mojave, DB and I headed back to Zion for a little fun. With a couple of solo warm-up peaks, simple snow-covered endeavors with far-reaching, aesthetic views, including a group of mule deer near the summit of the second one, Spendlove Knoll, it was time to get down to business...

Spying a craggy, unnamed peak I'd been looking over for awhile, I decided it was time to go for it...but the north face, the side that faces the road, didn't look too promising. But, oh what fun!

Heading up the east face via class 3 slabs and short faces, we traversed onto a ledge on the south face and cut west until we found a brushy chute heading up. At the head of the chute, it looked like we'd struck out...but lo! a hidden slot (a squeeze, of all things) showed promise. Leading through it, we popped out on the north face of the peak!

Traversing west on exposed ledges under a couple alcoves, we then bent left and picked up another chute that took us to the base of the 5.2 summit block. Loose, dangerous climbing (thankfully short) put us on the tiny highpoint. No cairn, so I built one.

A really nice peak. We named it Moqui Peak for the moqui marbles we found on the summit.