The Cockscomb

The Cockscomb from the northwest

Nestled in the stunning pinyon-juniper/Red Rock neighborhood of Doe Mountain and Bear Mountain, The Cockscomb is a small mountain with stunning cliffs, great views, and even some Sinagua ruins near the top.

Starting early one morning in a gentle rain, Harlan Stockman and I wandered up the trail to the cliffs just below the top. Although a class 2-3 break presents itself, we wandered a bit further along the base of the cliffs to a class 4-easy 5 slab problem that was an enjoyable (albeit damp) way to the great views on the summit.
Looking for the rumored ruins below the summit

On the descent, we sniffed around a bit until we were able to find a ruinous wall that appears to be of Sinagua origin. Later, my boy Walt Hutton, veteran of more than 30 Sedona summits, expressed his concerns as to its validity.
Ruins...found 'em!

*Bottom two photos courtesy of Harlan Stockman