Finding a Ringtail Cat on Windy Peak

Where: Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
When: November 2005
Partners: Solo

The standard route up Windy Peak

It wasn't long after starting from the car that I found myself in the vegetated wash that eventually leads to the ramp up Windy's easy south side. And then I was startled by a strange, striped, black and white tail between two boulders in the wash! What the...! I had no idea.

So I crept up on the tail, then noticed a body - dead. A small animal, a cat, of some sort. A ringtail cat, as I later learned they were called. Beautiful little animals with slender cat bodies and long, striped tails.

Snapping a picture, I continued on toward the peak. The ramp was easily gained and my travel up the slabs was fast. Wrapping around the backside, I gained the final mass leading to the summit and soon found myself atop the highest point...where I enjoyed an exchange amongst summit register entries as to whether this peak was truly Windy Peak or Black Velvet Peak. Hmmmm.
The ramp below Windy's south face

Eventually heading down, I simply retraced my steps, once again passing my departed little friend in the wash bottom and finished my journey back at my car waiting for me on the dirt road.