Larry Canyon (Robbers Roost)

Where: Robbers Roost, Utah Canyonlands
When: October 2006
Partners: Mike Cressman & Rick Kent

On the first rappel

In October 2006, I took my first trip to Robbers Roost. On that trip, I also made my first drop into Larry Canyon, a fine canyon that would turn out to be one I'd visit again a year later, so enamored of it I was on that first trip.

With quite a few interesting downclimbs and short rappels, the character of the canyon was ever-changing, from wide open canyon to narrow slot, shifting light changed the colors, and we were continually stimulated.

Not a challenging canyon, what blew me away about Larry (as well as the other canyons in the area I'd come to know) was how such seemingly benign country (rolling hills, cattle grazing, etc.) could suddenly, and often without warning, open up deep chasms. It was in the innards of these chasms that the area's real charms were displayed.

With a final couple of rappels at the technical end of the canyon, we were greeted to a more expansive, high-walled canyon with several tributaries. It wasn't hard to understand why the area has been so special to so many generations...beginning long before ours.
The final rappel

Eventually reaching our point of departure from the canyon, it was with a sense of sadness that we climbed up and out and back to the civilization of our motor vehicle. The beauty, of course, was knowing that I'd someday return.
The inspiring beauty of the Roost

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent