Mount Whitney (14,497 feet), Solo Dayhike via Mountaineers' Route

Where: Sierra Nevada, California
When: August 2004
Partners: Solo
Route: Mountaineers Route (Class 3)
Mileage/Gain: 16/6,200
Topo: Here

Mount Whitney, the Contiguous 48's Highest

I started out one September morning in 2004 for a dayhike of Mount Whitney's Mountaineers' Route with Whitney Warnick and John from Vegas. Enjoying good conversation up to just below Iceberg Lake, my partners began to slow considerably. Suggesting that perhaps their progress would grind to a near-halt, I asked if they'd be upset if I continued on at my own pace while they followed at theirs. Sure thing, they said. And off I went!
The Mountaineers' Route, First Ascent by John Muir

Cruising up the MR, I hung a left at the first chute above the notch and negotiated steep, icy and sketchy terrain to the flattish plateau leading up to the summit hut.
The summit hut

Staying only a few minutes, as thick clouds moved in and it began to snow, I raced down the trail back toward the car...bagging Mount Muir along the way!

Photos courtesy of Rick Kent