Mount Williamson (14,375 feet)

Rick, mom, CP and Larry

In 2005, my mother, an avid cyclist and former marathon runner, came into town and we decided to collect a couple friends for a backpack of Mount Williamson, California's 2nd highest peak. Rick Kent and my long-time friend Dimples signed on board.
The long and mostly uninteresting Shephard Pass Trail

Heading up the sloggy trail, the views improved as we climbed and we were soon setting camp at Anvil Camp, a lush, forested camp with remnant snowfields and gushing waterfalls nearby.

Starting early the next morning, Rick and I headed up to Shepherd Pass while my mom and Dimples stayed behind to hang in camp. Reaching the pass, Rick and I angled toward Mount Tyndall, where Rick broke off to climb Tyndall via its north rib. I was headed off solo to Williamson, so we wished each other farewell.
CP slogging up to the pass

Crossing the Williamson Bowl and gaining the chute that would take me to the top, I made good time, running into Luba Leef, a friend of mine from Las Vegas who was also solo hiking the mountain. We climbed to the summit together and enjoyed the views.

Eventually leaving the mountain, we hiked back to Shepherd Pass together, where the rest of her party were enjoying a relaxing time in camp. I bid them goodbye and started back down the pass to meet up with my mom and Dimples at Anvil Camp.
West Face of Mount Williamson from Mount Tyndall

After breaking camp the next morning, we found the hike out delightful, if a bit long, hot and boring. The company was great, and the Sierra is a magnificent mountain range.

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent