Another Run Through Larry Canyon

Where: Robbers Roost, Utah Canyonlands
When: November 2007
Partners: Jason Halladay, Bill Geist, Jeff Valliere, Aron Ralston & Joe from CO

Tree shadows. Pure coincidence.

Having first done Larry Canyon in October 2006, I was more than happy to take some friends through the canyon again. Afterall, I was the only one in our largeish party of 6 who had done the canyon before. And I love showing folks special places!
Sweet anchor!

Returning to the familiar drop-in, the first anchor was precisely as I remembered it...confidence-inspiring. (Alternately, you can downclimb into the canyon via class 4 moki steps on canyon-left.)
At a tricky downclimb, JV is thrilled to be lent a "hand"

Once in the depths of the canyon, glee was the order of the day!
Jason getting a cool perspective of Aron getting a cool perspective of CP getting a cool perspective of Joe while on rappel

In no hurry, we took our time through this fine canyon, snapping many pictures, goofing off, and having a wonderful time. I, for one, didn't care to leave.
Great lighting to catch Bill on rappel

Great stuff!

On the final rappel, we all learned a little something about Bill...he'd always dreamt of being a dancer!
Bill celebrating life

Eventually, we reached our point of departure for the vehicles. From there, a nice hike up beautiful slickrock to an interesting point where we found...
Some angst-ridden punk

Righteous photos courtesy of Jason Halladay