First Descent of Natural Bridge Canyon

Where: Death Valley National Park, California
When: February 16, 2008
Partners: DB, Rick Kent & Mike Schasch

2,300 feet of vertical on the approach

Rising early, DB and I met Rick Kent and Mike Schasch at the Badwater/190 junction and headed south to the Natural Bridge parking area. Packing our gear, we left the vehicles and headed up the steep slope right of "Natural Bridge Canyon". Gaining about 2,300 vertical feet, we eventually dropped in.

There, we found a pleasant canyon with 6-8 enjoyable rappels (all under 100-ft, as I recall) and some downclimbs.
An aesthetic drop confronts us

Though we found some evidence of prior exploration in a couple spots down low, it appeared that the upper canyon had not been descended prior to us.
On rappel

About 8 hours car-to-car.
The Natural Bridge

(Rick's pics)

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent