Hook Canyon

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: November 2005
Partners: Rick Kent & Mike Cressman

The mouth of Hook Canyon (right)

After a long climb of Zion's Mount Majestic (including an ascent of both the walk-up north summit and the difficult, higher south summit) and Cathedral Mountain, Mike Cressman, Rick Kent and I decided to descend via Hook Canyon.
The first rappel

With only one mandatory rappel, a nice 90-foot drop into the canyon from its head, and a couple stiff downclimbs (or short rappels) in mid-canyon, Hook Canyon proved itself to be the perfect descent option for us.
CP hiking out with his orangutan

Finishing at the last drop at twilight, we regained the West Rim Trail in total darkness and began the hike out.
Lovely canyon

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent