Lower Eaton Canyon

At Henninger Flats

Miguel Forjan invited DB and I to join him for Lower Eaton Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains. I'd never done any canyoneering over there, so why not?

Rick Kent soon signed on as well, so we started up the trail early one morning then dropped into the mellow boulder wash that would become something special and fantastic.
Miguel excited about the first slide!

With a handful of rappels and a whole ton of swims and natural water slides, the only (and I mean only) thing preventing Eaton Canyon from being a classic was the tedious boulder hopping one has to suffer through in between goodies. Still, a high-quality canyon I long to do again.
At the bottom of the final rappel

*Of note is the mini-epic we had in the canyon. Just above the final rappel, DB slipped on a rock, fell, and badly twisted her knee. In horrible pain, she was carried over to the final rappel, where she refused assistance and opted to do the final 45-foot drop herself. I went just before her so that I could collect her in the final pool, disconnect her from the rope, and carry her to dry land.

With an awkward start, DB, grimacing in much pain, made the final rappel without incident. She was followed by Miguel and Rick. Bidding the others thanks, DB and I made slow progress on the way back to the vehicle.

Thank goodness this happened near the end of the canyon! Two months on crutches followed.

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent