Not Mindbender (Robbers Roost)

Where: Robbers Roost, Utah Canyonlands
When: November 2007
Partners: Jeff Valliere, Joe from CO, Aron Ralston, Bill Geist, Jason Halladay & Susan from Snowmass

Jason demonstrating his technique for keeping his shoes clean

A group of us gathered in Robbers Roost in November 2007 for a few canyons over a long weekend. With chilly nighttime temps and perfection during the day, Not Mindbender was in order for day #1.
Joe enjoying himself in the canyon

With a short, scenic approach, the canyon slots up and offers some fun downclimbing, a few rappels and even some minor problem-solving. Then, the deep canyon opens up for some easy walking.
Jason, Aron, Bill, Jeff and Susan

Eventually, the canyon slots up again and fully offers itself to you before it belches you back out toward the land of open views at a spectacular 90-foot free-air rappel.
Aron enjoying the final rappel

After a bit of walking down the now-wide canyon, our group angled left to the steep slab climb-out (easy 5th class) that would lead us back to our vehicles. A fantastic finish to an otherworldly day!
The climb-out