"Blarney Peak" (Peak 13,480+)

When: June 2008
Partners: DB
Route: South Ridge (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 3/1,400

DB heading up Blarney Peak

The morning after arriving in Colorado, DB and I headed straight through Aspen and up to Independence Pass to check out the snow situation on the high peaks. What we found...was lots and lots. Independence Pass was mostly buried under white.
Views to La Plata from Blarney's upper slopes

Making the short hike up Blarney Peak from the pass, we enjoyed the spacious views of the snowy Sawatch. There, we were joined by a couple of skiers who intended to ski down the snowy bowl on the north side of the mountain.
DB on the summit with our skier buddies

Enjoying the sun and views, we watched the skiers drop down the mountain then began the short hike back to the car.