Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross (A Day Tour of a Few CO 14ers)

Partners: DB & Andy McClure
Route: Decalibron (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 6/3,600

Andy nearing Mount Democrat's summit

With the road to Kite Lake still closed by a lingering snowfield, we slept a bit below the trailhead and started out good and early one morning. Skirting around the edge of the still-frozen lake and gaining the lower slopes of Democrat via a short bit of steep snow, we soon gained the trail that took us to the Democrat-Cameron saddle. There, Andy and I hung a left to head up Democrat while DB continued toward Cameron. Soon gaining the summit of Mount Democrat, I found the views to be striking.
Terrific snowy views from the summit of Mount Democrat

Soon, we headed back down to the saddle and headed up to Cameron. From there, the view over to Lincoln was short and semi-awe-inspiring. But where was DB?
Lincoln from Cameron

Becoming a bit concerned that we'd not yet caught up to or even spotted DB since we'd left her, Andy and I raced toward Lincoln. Doing so, we found her shivering in a windbreak shortly before the summit. With an icy wind and a half hour of downtime waiting for us to catch up to her, she was more than a little anxious to get moving again. Borrowing one of Andy's unused layers from his pack, DB donned it and we soon gained Lincoln's frigid summit.
DB half-enjoying the cold summit of Mount Lincoln

Leaving Mount Lincoln, DB decided to start down the mountain from near the Lincoln-Bross saddle while Andy and I set out to bag the fourth 14er of the tour. Quickly doing so, I soon joined DB in a series of short standing glissades that would lead us back toward Kite Lake.
A little standing glissade fun on the way back to the car