A Jungle Romp Up Carambola Mountain

Where: Honduras, Central America
When: December 2000
Partners: Solo

Traveling to Honduras for the first time in late 2000, I found the jungly landscape intriguing, mesmerizing and mysterious. I set out to climb a peak.

One of only a few small windows of light in the dense jungle

With nothing in the way of high mountains in the region I was visiting, I got beta from locals about a rutted out, rainy route up one of the small but finer peaks in the area - Carambola Mountain. Sitting just off the water, the summit views promised to be inspiring.
Sweaty and inspired in the humid jungle

Starting from a resort of sorts near the beach, I headed out and up on what began as a good dirt path through the dark and humid jungle. Using vines for handlines while crossing huge ruts in the jungle floor, I soon clammered my way up to the forested summit. What views I had were special.
Summit views out to Sandy Bay and the Caribbean Sea