Seattle's Mount Si

Where: Cascade Range, Washington
When: July 2008
Partners: DB
Route: Mount Si Trail w/Direct Finish (Class 4)
Mileage/Gain: 9/3,200
Topo: Mount Si

Mount Si from I-90

Mentioning a hike up Mount Si always seems to earn a laugh. With so many "real" mountains in the Cascades, why Mount Si? My answer: "'Cause it's there."

DB and I headed up the trail one morning after touristing around Seattle the day before. Before long, we found ourselves at a flattish, bouldery area below the summit "Haystack", a large rock outcropping that houses the true summit of the mountain. Requiring a few class 3 moves to surmount, few people, it would seem, actually take the final steps to "summit" the mountain. And this would explain the dozens of people sitting amongst the lower boulders below what we found to be an empty summit.
The real summit of Mount Si

Moving through the throng, DB and I made our way to the east side of the Haystack. Instead of working right and heading up in the usual manner, we headed directly up. What followed was a fair amount of class 3-4 scrambling that eventually intersected with the standard scrambling route just below the final, exposed class 3 moves to the highpoint.
On the summit

South to Mount Rainier