A Stop in Central City

DB hanging in a Central City patio garden

Ever since I'd first read Jack Kerouac's account of his evening of partying and pleasure with Neal Cassady in Central City, Colorado (way back about 1947) in his classic, legendary and highly influential book On the Road, I'd been curious about the place. Apparently an old mining town that still held onto its traditional Victorian look, I'd tried to get there in 2005 and didn't make it. But passing nearby in 2008, I found the time to check it out.
Quaint Central City

Sporting old Victorian homes, an Opera House that's still in use, half a dozen casinos (just to trash it up a bit), a couple museums, four empty stores for every occupied one, and more than an ounce of charm, Central City demonstrated itself to be quaint and well worth visiting.
Just one of many ancient buildings in Central City