Taylor Mountain (10,352 Feet)

Where: Teton Range, Wyoming
When: July 2008
Partners: DB
Route: Taylor Mountain Trail from Coal Creek (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 10/3,100

Midway up the Taylor Mountain Trail

From a camp just across the highway, one morning DB and I set out for a hike up Taylor Mountain. Overgrown at times, the trail was stunningly beautiful, with lush vegetation, wildflowers, a creek crossing or two and fresh black bear prints in the dirt.
Wildflowers along the trail

Eventually leaving the trees, the trail took on more of an alpine feel and the views opened up considerably.
View to the false summit a half-mile northeast of the true summit

Crossing up and over a false summit, we followed the class 2 talus and snow ridge southwest to the pristine (well, except for the thrashed Tibetan prayer flags I found on the ground) summit.
At last, the summit is approached!

Enjoying some rest and relaxation on the summit, as any wilderness traveler eventually must, we began our descent.
The Grand, as DB descends

*Oh, by the way, the highpoint of Taylor Mountain is the 'Victor' benchmark; not the lesser (and easier) point a half-mile to the northeast, which certain guidebooks claim is the summit.