The Mount Perry Experience

Where: Death Valley National Park, California
When: October 2008
Partners: DB
Route: South Ridge (class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 8/3,300

Approaching Mount Perry

Mount Perry is a wonderful mountain that rewards its visitors with inspiring views from its high summit. The standard south ridge route follows a trail (which you'll lose a few times) all the way from the Dante's View parking lot. Along the way, the views 6,000 feet down into Death Valley are guaranteed to provide shock and awe. And your legs will remind you, lest you forget, that, in order to climb Mount Perry, you've got to climb Dantes Peak TWICE! Now that's great stuff!
Land of a thousand adventures

On the summit of Mount Perry

Reapproaching the summit of Dantes Peak

6,000 feet down to Badwater