Flagpole Mountain

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: November 2008
Partners: DB & Andy Archibald

DB and Andy on the summit

This adventure climb had all the vibes of a first ascent. After a recon trip a couple weeks earlier, me, DB and Andy pulled the trigger and went for it. With a committing rappel on the ascent, we hoped it would be go in fine style...and it did (with all the trimmings of a full-scale adventure, backcountry-style)!
Special views south from the summit

Reaching the summit after a bit, we soaked in the awesome views and even stopped by the namesake 'flagpole' that sits on the mountain's western flank. It was about forty feet tall!
Andy at the flagpole

After a long rest and a snack, I built a cairn on the summit and we began our descent.

Four rappels later, we were on terra firma and hiking back to the car.
Andy on descent rappel #3