Winter (?) Mountaineering in Zion

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: November 2008
Partners: Andy Archibald

Andy enjoying the snow and gloom

Holy cow did the November snows fall overnight in Zion! But that's not gonna stop me, so I enlisted Andy to join me for an exploratory of a seldom-visited peak in the park.

The clouds part...briefly

Climbing above a sea of clouds

The summit comes into view

Scrambling high onto the mountain, the terrain soon became sketchy enough that we pulled out the rope, donned harnesses, and continued up into the gray.
Belaying Andy

Getting within 20 feet of the summit, we turned back at a steep, snowy slab that would have gone fine in dry conditions. Three rappels put us on scrambling terrain, which we then hiked back to the car.