First Full Descent of Typhon's North Fork

Where: Death Valley National Park, California
When: November 28, 2008
Partners: DB & Rick Kent

In October 2008, Rick Kent, Mike Cressman and Tina T. began a first descent project in the north fork of Typhon. Getting a late start, time, water and energy eventually ran short and the trio escaped from the canyon and dropped into a neighboring fork that had already been established. They finished their day nearly 16 hours after starting, culminating in Mike vomiting in the parking lot.

Below the 200-foot rappel midway down the North Fork

In late November, DB and I joined Rick to finish the project. With an 0515 start by headlamp, we quickly dropped into the canyon and dispatched the initial series of 6 or so rappels the earlier party had established. Below a big drop of 200 feet, we did another short rappel off their final anchor and then began constructing a series of anchors into terra incognita.
DB getting on rappel

Building anchors for another 6 rappels or so, we soon reached the confluence of the main (south) fork of the canyon (already established), then finished up 6 rappels there. We reached our spotted vehicle 9 hours after starting, thereby completing the first full descent of the north fork of Typhon.