Fuya Fuya (14,058 Feet)

Where: Ecuadorian Andes
When: December 25, 2008
Partners: DB & Andy McClure
Route: East Slope & Ridge (class 4)

Just below the summit of Fuya Fuya

It was another successful trip to South American with yet another visit to Ecuador, land of the green. A couple days after arriving, we headed for Fuya Fuya, a stunningly green and beautiful mountain perched atop the Laguna Mojanda-filled caldera below it. With clouds swirling around us, treating us to occasional glimpses of the lake, nearby Cerro Negro (13,976-feet) and sometimes even of our objective, it was a fine outing that gave us a taste of some spicy and exposed class 4 scrambling near the top! Great stuff!
DB on the summit

Andy on the summit

On the descent, Andy decided to run off and bag the other Fuya, the mountain's 13,992-foot sub-summit. There, he met a group of Euros who had apparently not realized that the higher, true summit was over there hidden in the clouds 1/4 mile away.
Laguna Mojanda (12,000 feet) through the clouds on the descent

Cerro Negro on the descent