Another Winter Ascent Into Obscurity on Pa's Rump

Where: Spring Mountains of southern Nevada
When: February 2009
Partners: DB

DB on the north (true) summit of Pa's Rump

Our friend Harlan WS dubbed this prominent but obscure peak 'Pa's Rump' for its proximity to nearby Pahrump and the position of the mountain's twin, butt cheek-like summits.

Knowing that the ascent was short to the point of almost being a waste of time (for a day's sole objective) in good weather, DB and I decided to bag the peak on a day that forecast piss-poor weather and a high accumulation of snow.

Sure enough, with some light flakes falling when we arrived at the base of the mountain, they grew in size as we ascended, the clouds moved in, obscuring our vision, and we soon reached the summit in a white-out. The haunting grays and whites were exactly what I had been hoping for.

By the time we returned to the vehicle in a significant, heavy snowfall, the truck was covered in a couple inches of snow and the road we took out was...snowy.
Fun out of the sun

An enjoyable, short day in the mountains.