The Bats

Where: On the cusp of Death Valley National Park, California
Partners: Solo

North Bat

I set out to do a loop of South Bat Mountain and North Bat Mountain via the long and interesting, conglomerate nightmare that can be identified as the south ridge of the massif. To be honest, the going was mostly loose and semi-interesting all the way to South Bat, where one quickly learns that the higher North Bat is a ways off (and gained by a horrifying loose and exposed, narrow ridge traverse).
s on South Bat

Leaving South Bat, I began the traverse to the higher peak. While initially not too bad, the drop-offs soon present themselves and a down-climb off the crest to the right is eventually mandatory (unless you're prepared for a 100-foot rappel off questionable natural anchors).

I made it a point to regain the crest as soon as feasible, and then scrambled enjoyably to the top. Once there, I signed the register then dropped into the south/southeast of North Bat and worked my way down into the canyon forming below. Avoiding a dryfall via a bypass on the left, I eventually gained a wash that I followed back to the road.

Photos courtesy of Harlan