Booth Pinnacle, Pyramid Peak and Saddle Mountain

Where: Lake Mead National Recreation Area
When: February 2009
Partners: My ma
Mileage/Gain: 16.3/4,400

Booth and Pyramid from about 5 miles in

There's nothing quite like a long romp deep into the backcountry of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. And with that in mind, my ma and I set out to bag Booth Pinnacle, Pyramid Peak and Saddle Mountain, three remote peaks on the shore across the way (more or less) from Arch Mountain.
Pyramid from the summit of Booth

With an easy (albeit long), but interesting, cross-country approach to the base of Booth, the route from there was steeper but semi-interesting. The views from the respective summits were terrific!
Ma with a desert tortoise shell we found on the hike out

Me, by ma