The East Fork of Shillelagh

Where: North Wash, Utah
When: March 2009
Partners: Andy Mac & Mark Beauchamp

Finishing the 2nd of two short 5.4 steps on the approach

Although Andy and I weren't expecting much out of the East Fork of Shillelagh (and Mark didn't know any better), we needed to finish it off. You see, a year and a half earlier, we'd backed off beta-less when we'd come to the head with only a short rope and looked down into the intimidating abyss that marks the opening drop into the canyon. Indeed intimidated, we'd taken our short rope and descended the West Fork instead. This time, we brought more rope...
Andy at the top of the 2nd rappel

As it turned out, the sequence wasn't nearly as bad as it looked from the top. Two quick rappels, the second one quite beautiful, and we easily scrambled through the remainder of the canyon.
The second, and final, rappel