Third Time's Not A Charm

Where: Sedona, Arizona
When: April 2009
Partners: Walt Hutton & Allison from Flagstaff

Descending from The Acropolis

The big objective for this season's visit to Sedona was an attempt at The Acropolis. We'd gotten beta claiming that the route was "mostly class 4...with one or two 5.7 moves." Okay, then!

Heading out early one morning, I reached the base of our route 1 hour and 10 minutes after leaving the car. Scoping around for our route while waiting for my partners to catch up, I found something resembling a class 4 start that offered promise. It had to be the spot, as nothing else looked reasonable.

When the others arrived, Walt, feeling tired, beat up, physically ill and largely uninspired, was coaxed into leading the first pitch. Starting up, he climbed through a brushy class 4 ramp of sorts, flailed through a short and unprotectable 5.6 face, and found himself at the base of a bulging 5.7 chimney with no protection whatsoever. Hmmm, he looked around for a bypass, and we did the same from the bottom of the pitch - nothing!

With our spirits already humbled by successive days of failure in the mountains, it didn't take much for us to call it yet another day of fun and filth...and we waltzed on back to the cars. Crap.

Walt's photos:
Allegedly, we were gonna climb this.

Steamboat Rock