Another Day in the San Gabriels

Where: Thunder Mountain & Telegraph Peak (San Gabriels of Southern CA)
When: May 2009
Partners: DB

Telegraph Peak

DB and I always look forward to heading to the San Gabriels for a weekend of romping in the forested mountains above smoggy L.A. On the agenda this time was Thunder Mountain and Telegraph Peak. We also wanted to bag Timber Mountain, thereby completing the 'Three T's', as they're known, but we needed to head down to Inglewood for the Dead show that night!
Looking over to West Baldy, Baldy, Harwood, Dawson and Thunder from Telegraph

An easy hike up dirty ski runs took us to the top of Thunder Mountain. Catching the 3 T's trail from there, we soon found ourselves on the beautiful summit of Telegraph Peak. A nice summit with good views and some protruding rocks to nest on.
Enjoying life on the summit of Telegraph Peak

After a nice break on the top, we dropped back down the trail, crossed back over Thunder and headed to the car...and on down the golden road to the show!