(Most of) The Rendezvous Mountain Traverse

Where: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
When: July 2009
Partners: The Exotic One

DB on the first summit -- Peak 10,450

Being fully aware of how our extended roadtrip was drawing to a close, I came up with the idea of going out with a bang by doing the full Rendezvous Mountain traverse. The traverse would entail a sweet, ridgeline hike/scramble of all 7 summits on (or very near) the crest of the Rendezvous Mountain massif.

Cheating by riding the tram up the first 4,000 feet of gain (hey, the traverse still entailed an additional 4,500 feet of gain!), we set out!
DB on the summit of peak #2 -- Peak 10,753 ("Cody Peak")

Peak #2 from Peak #3 (Peak 10,706)

Between Peak #3 and Peak #5, I set off and bagged Peak #4 (Peak 10,277), which is a somewhat detached peak just west of the crest.
On the summit of Rendezvous Peak

Threatening weather chased us off the traverse's highpoint, Rendezvous Peak (11,927, #5). Since this was not (really) a loop, we descended from Rendezvous Peak then headed back across the western slopes of Peak 10,706, reclimbed Peak 10,753 and then crossed the saddle to reclimb Peak 10,450. The last two peaks of the traverse would have to wait for another day.
Pausing on the return