Mount Wilbur - An Ill-Fated Effort

Where: Glacier National Park, Montana
When: July 2009
Partners: Andy Mac

Mount Wilbur

Andy and I had Mount Wilbur somewhere high on the list for our pass through Glacier National Park. But rising casually one morning, we headed to the ranger station with a casual hike in mind and saw that today was our only day of good weather in the forecast. So, with a 10:30 AM start, we didn't bother glancing at the beta and merely set out for the top...jogging.

Without a clear idea which way we were supposed to go, we did some bushwhacking and then fought our way up steep, slippery slopes to some cliff bands partway up the mountain. We separated in the effort to find a way through. And that's the last we saw of each other for a couple hours...

Each thinking that the other was a) lost, or b) dead, we eventually gave up and started back down. Soon enough, we spotted each other again from a distance. But morale was crushed by then, and we sheepishly returned to the trailhead. Wilbur, it seems, will have to wait 'til next time.