Yukness Mountain in Fabulous Lake O'Hara

Where: Yoho National Park, Canadian Rockies
When: July 2009
Partners: Solo

Obaphin Lake, on the approach

Scoring a walk-up ticket onto the shuttle bus to Lake O'Hara one morning (see, they set a quota on how many people can visit pristine Lake O'Hara each day, and the reservations are gone months in advance), I was stoked to finally see this most spectacular of spots in the Rockies. It didn't disappoint.
Mounts Huber and Victoria from the summit of Yukness

The scramble up Yukness Mountain went quickly. The upper mountain was rugged and interesting, and the views were intense. I just wish I'd had the talent to make my camera capture the scene as it was.
Lake Oesa and Abbot Pass from the summit

Uber-impressive Mt. Biddle (a mountain I'd never heard of) from the summit