Summit for Heroes 4-Peak Hike

Where: White Mountains, Nevada
When: September 2009
Partners: The Summit for Heroes team

The Summit for Heroes team in camp

I was honored to be invited to join the Summit for Heroes team for a hike up Nevada's highest mountain, Boundary Peak, on Friday, September 11, 2009. Joining the team in camp the evening before, we enjoyed some quality campfire time before turning in.
Boundary Peak from Trail Canyon Peak

Rising the next morning, the team collected itself and then set out toward Boundary. Along the way, I couldn't resist the urge to bag Trail Canyon Peak. Snapping a quick shot of Boundary from the summit, I signed the register and then started down to meet up with the rest of the team at the Trail Canyon saddle.
On the summit

It didn't seem like long before we found ourselves on the summit of Nevada's highest peak. It was a perfect day! It felt great to be on this quality summit, one I hadn't set foot on in more than four years.

Before descending, I commented to some in our party that the highly aesthetic 100-foot, needle-like spire just north of (and below) the summit should be the actual highpoint. It appeared to be rather challenging to surmount, but within minutes I found myself wandering that way...
Boundary Spire (5.2)

The climb up Boundary Spire was interesting, easy 5th class. A tiny summit!
The register on Mustang Mountain

Returning to the trailhead, I had too much energy left to simply sit around I set off to climb Kennedy Point and then Mustang Mountain. Atop Mustang, I found an old register tin placed by none other than Walt Wheelock half a century earlier. Good stuff!

A fine day out with fine folks. I am glad I was able to come along.