South Six-Shooter (II 5.8)

Where: Indian Creek, Utah
When: October 2009
Who: Double-A, Andy Mac and Morgan

Andy Mac, Morgan & Andy A in front of South Six-Shooter

On a perfect fall morning, the four of us set out for a climb up beautiful South Six-Shooter. Morgan volunteered to take the lead, and did a fantastic job bringing us to the base of the summit block.
North Six-Shooter from South Six-Shooter

At the crux

With a funky mantle followed by a juggy pull to the top, we looked over and saw that the next block over was about a foot higher. With no pro and 5.8(ish) climbing, only Andy Mac had the nerve to take the sharp end. He led beautifully, and soon, me, Andy Mac and Morgan stood atop the highest block~!
On the true summit