Shenanigans & Main Leprechaun

Where: North Wash, Utah
When: November 2009
Who: Ram, Steve Levin, Sarah & Dominic Meiser, Aron Ralston, Dan Ransom, Matt Brechta, Roger Briggs, and Landon from Salt Lake (Shenanigans) / Sarah & Dominic Meiser, Aron Ralston, Landon from Salt Lake, and Chuck from Salt Lake (Main Lep)

Heading to Shenanigans

Although I'd descended the very tight main fork of Leprechaun several years earlier and found it to be delightful (though DB got stuck!), I'd repeatedly put off the area classic Shenanigans because it was said to be so tight that anyone over 180 pounds would not fit through. After a hard-working summer in the mountains, and a fall that was nearly as active, my weight was trimmed to precisely 180 pounds! I was ready (sort of)!
Roger in Shenanigans

Ram in Shenanigans


...and physical

Misfits, all of 'em

Turns out, Shenanigans was a delight. With some help from Ram and others, I squeezed through with surprisingly little effort (other than the psychological kind). I'd love to go back and do it again...but first, we headed off for another Main Leprechaun run!
Like a breath of fresh air, good to be back!

More of that tight stuff

More photos:
Aron going emo in Shenanigans

Blurry but seeping emotion

Chuck in Main Lep

Dropping into Shenanigans

The final rappel in Shenanigans

First drop in Shenanigans -- Ram downclimbed it

Downclimbing into a slimy pothole in Shenanigans

Main Lep was more skinny than I remembered it

Sarah chillin' in Shenanigans

In the bowels of Shenanigans

The depths of Shenanigans

Approaching the mouth of Shenanigans

Shenanigans - final sequence

The Grim Crawl