Four Days in Grand Canyon

Where: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
When: March 2010
Who: DB, HW Stockman, Sarah Thompson and Andy Mac

Harlan battling the squeeze chimney on O'Neill Butte

Spring Break 2009 was such a huge success in Grand Canyon that DB and I recruited a handful of friends to join us for another round. Unfortunately, heavy snow/ice conditions and a storm in the forecast shoved us away after only four days...then we went elsewhere.
Andy Mac near the summit of O'Neill Butte

But in the meantime...O'Neill Butte:
Struggling up the dihedral

DB and I climbed O'Neill Butte in 2008 or 2009 and found it a highly enjoyable, half-day scramble/climb that was well worth the minimal effort. Good fun!

Whites Butte: The beta said Whites was an 11 mile roundtrip via Hermit's Rest, but as it turned out, it was 16 miles, very hot, quite a slog, but totally fun too!
Andy along the Boucher Trail on the way to Whites Butte

Unnamed Butte (6,633): While Andy and Sarah headed off to Horseshoe Mesa, DB, Harlan and I explored our way to the unnamed butte north of Grandview. With interesting route-finding, it took several hours for us to reach the top.
Can you spot Harlan along the south ridge of Unnamed Butte (6,633)?

Cedar Mountain: The last of 6 peaks we did in 4 days in Grand Canyon. Apparently it's a 1 mile roundtrip in clear conditions ~ it was 10 miles for us.
On the windblown summit of Cedar Mountain

Unfortunately, that's all the pictures I have for now.

***Harlan posted several great shots (and maps too) on his site:

***And Sarah posted some fantastic photos (and entertaining narrative) on hers too: