More Fun on Red Cap!

Where: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada
Who: DB and Aron Ralston
When: May 2010

It's always a pleasure to take the short hike up Red Cap. On a couple occasions, I've set aside more time to do a loop of the other two nearby sandstone peaks (what I've called White Calico Peak #1 and #2). With Aron in town, DB and I played host. The result was a fantastic weekend of Moroccan food, belly dancers, an enjoyable, motivational talk at Caesar's Palace, Thai food, and yes, scrambling around Red Rock!

DB and Aron at Calico Tanks

CP and DB heading up Red Cap

The tinaja below Red Cap's summit

My 6th time on the summit

DB, CP and Aron on the summit

Another tinaja below White Calico Peak #1

Calico Tanks

After boogying our way to the top of White Calico Peak #2

All but the top two photos courtesy of Aron Ralston