City of Rocks

Where: City of Rocks, Idaho
Who: DB
When: July 2010

On the summit of Graham Peak

While passing through Idaho on our way to Colorado from Oregon, it occurred to me that I'd never bagged a peak in Idaho. Utilizing my nifty smart phone, I soon learned that Cache Peak was along our route and promised to be a worthwhile objective. Unfortunately, blow-down across the access road thwarted our efforts and we ended up bagging nearby Graham Peak instead. From the summit, we looked down onto the stunning and muy-interesting City of Rocks far below us. It was time to check it out!
DB on the summit of Elephant Rock

We had not beta handy but we dug out the rope and harnesses and blasted our way up a handful of easy 5th class routes leading to three of the area's many, many awesome spires, buttes, towers and rocks. Dig!
On top of Treasure Rock