Tedious Taylor and Stellar Star Peaks

Where: Colorado Rockies
Who: Aron Ralston
When: July 2010

Hiking up Taylor Peak

After a fun May outing with DB and Aron at Red Rock (complimented with Thai and Moroccan food), Aron invited us to spend a few days at his place in Aspen as we came to Colorado in July. Rather than obvious objectives, Aron suggested a handful of obscurities that he'd not yet done. One of them was called Star Peak.
Near the summit of Taylor Peak

Aron on the summit of Taylor Peak as Star Peak beckons

Star Peak is a monstrous, highly aesthetic mountain, strongly reminiscent of the Sierra, that was said to be dangerous loose class 4 via its north ridge. Aron suggested we attack it. And we did, by bouncing up and over Taylor Peak and then traversing endless talus to the northeast face, which was followed mellowly and in relative safety to the summit of outstanding Star. We descended into Ralstar Basin and then slogged out via the Lindley Hut. A fantastically fun day out.
A throne atop Star Peak!

Lovely tundra views from Star Peak

14er Castle from the summit of Star Peak