Bad Canyon

One of quite a few

Doug Van Etten, a man from AK whom I'd met online, said that he was coming down to Death Valley for the first time and wanted to do some canyoneering in the park. I suggested Bad Canyon, as it was the last of the major published canyons in the park that I'd yet to do.

Joined by the girl, Todd Hein, Lori Curry and Rick from Vegas, as well as Rick Kent and Mike Schasch, who were taking a romp through Hades Canyon, we all did the pleasant approach hike in together from Dante's View.

Eventually reaching the junction of the two canyons, we bid farewell and safe travel to Rick and Mike, who were to enjoy a much more challenging and problematic canyon than ours was to be. From there, I led the other five through our objective.

All in all, a pleasant canyon, though quite easy, with a couple large (180- and 150-ft, respectively) and aesthetic rappels.

On the downside, I could feel a cold brewing as we made our way through the canyon. By the next morning, I'd want nothing to do with the mountains and everything to do with a warm bed.
Big drop in Bad Canyon

(Rick's pics from a previous trip down Bad Canyon)

*Borrowed photos courtesy of Rick Kent